College Craft’s Most Asked Questions

Do you have insurance?

Absolutely! College Craft carries Worker’s Compensation, Liability and Umbrella coverage. We will be happy to have our agent send you a Certificate of Insurance. Proper insurance coverage is essential for our workers and customers and you’d be surprised how many companies do not have proper insurance coverage. Also, College Craft’s strong safety programs and safety training assures peace of mind for our workers and customers.

Does College Craft paint year round?

Yes. All of our crews are year round, full time professional painters. We still hire a few college students in the summer to add to our full time crews. Each crew has an on site, very experienced foreman with extensive experience working to College Craft’s standards.

Do you have a guarantee on your work?

Yes we do. College Craft was the first company to have written warranties on painting and we still have the best warranties in the business. Our warranty is printed on every proposal and provides coverage for up to five years depending on the materials you choose and the condition of your home. And our warranties cover paint AND labor.

When is the best time to paint?

We can paint interiors throughout the year. Our exterior season generally runs from mid-March to late November. High quality exterior paints contain advanced “low temp” technology which has expanded the exterior season.

How do your prices compare?

We are extremely competitive with other legitimate contractors. We give you an exact price quotation and clearly detail in writing exactly what is included in each project. We pay our workers well, we have full insurance coverage and we know how much time is needed to complete each project with the highest levels of quality and service. We use outstanding products, we have no hidden charges, we do not cut corners. Our customers choose us again and again because they know they will get a fair price and a great paint job.

Can you take care of repairs?

Yes we can. We can replace siding, fascia and soffets. We can replace deck boards and repair damaged window frames and door frames. We can install interior trim and repair/replace drywall as well as many other repairs.

What about color selection?

Fresh, new colors make your paint job really stand out. We generally supply the paint for your project so all you need to do is choose the colors. Most paint stores including Sherwin Williams can provide small amounts of paint for you to try on (for a nominal charge). Color changes generally require two coats to achieve proper coverage.

What types of exterior painting can you handle?

We have extensive experience with just about any type of exterior painting including trim and siding jobs and trim only jobs. We have expertise with cedar homes, aluminum and vinyl siding homes, masonry and brick projects. We are outstanding with high preparation jobs and jobs with complex ladder and scaffolding demands. We are expert with deck power washing and staining.

What kinds of interior jobs can you handle?

Our crews can handle just about any interior project. We remove wall paper and take care of drywall preparation and repairs. We have the know how to paint cathedral walls and ceilings and very large and small jobs. We have painted hundreds of basements and garage interiors (including floors). We can give kitchen and bathroom cabinets a new look and we can paint stained wood work. We will move furniture and protect your floors and possessions. And, of course, we can do an amazing job giving any size or type of room a fresh, new look.

Does College Craft do commercial work?

We have painted hundreds of commercial projects including hospitals, churches, office buildings, apartment buildings, retail establishments and multi family projects. We are the primary painter for several management companies and realtors. We can paint weekends and evenings. We are very accommodating and we can work with just about any scheduling requirements.

Aren’t all painting companies the same?

NO! There really is a difference. There can be significant differences in the experience, reputation, estimating systems, insurance coverage and business practices from one company to another. Additionally, the preparation systems, quality of paints and expertise of workers can differ greatly. There is real peace of mind in choosing a company like College Craft with an excellent history of stability, consistency and outstanding service. You know we have been in business since 1960 and you can always reach us at 630 665 8200 or collegecraft@yahoo.com.

Once I have my proposal, how do I sign up?

It’s easy.  All you need to do is sign and return your proposal along with your deposit.  College Craft accepts VISA and MasterCard for the deposit.  Final payment is due upon completion.  We request a check for final payment.